Review Hotspotshield vs HideMyAss VPN Service, or Cyberghost

Hidemyass has a large amount of servers worldwide, though not all of them work. I think the real problem with Hidemyass is that it’s almost impossible to get refund from them. Be careful, they will set automatic renewal for you. When the bill comes, you contact their customer support. They said they can only refund for the first order, can do nothing for renewal, even you did not use any bit of the renewal. However, the first order only can be refunded in 30 days after you placed the first order, the renewal happens after 30 days, so you’re not eligible for refund.

This is ridiculous. The automatic renewal happens after the first month’s order finished, so it definitely could not be in 30 days. Therefore, in their logic, you are not eligible for first order refund and they don’t refund for automatic renewals. So nothing you can get back.

Think twice before you choose Hidemyass, seeing some customer reviews may be a good reference.

Hotshotsheild is the best I’d say, but be careful, it caused my PC to blue screen with a Netio.sys.

HSS containED the infamous conduit toolbar (Hotspot Shield Elite Community Toolbar) and sponsored partner like RealPlayer. It does not offer limited or free VPN plan.

HMA does not offer trial VPN account. Yet, it has the largest possible VPN networks, from IP to VPN servers worldwide. Take a closer look at the said option here.

Currently, CyberGhost is offering a free VPN service (500MB/month?). Please check it out for yourself, as I could not open its homepage.

“Dae Jang Geum” comes back after 12 years with the blockbuster “Saimdang, The Herstory”

Historical drama “Saimdang, The Herstory”  is invested more than $ 10 million promised to explode the small screen with the presence of two South Korean artists Lee Young-ae and Song Seung Hun.

Before the official shooting, the film was sold the rights to six Asian countries. Every episode of “Saimdang, The Herstory”will be sold for $ 270,000 copyright. The film marks the return of “ Dae Jang Geum” Lee Young-ae after 12 years of absence to the small screen.

In the film, Lee Young-ae plays both university art history major lecturer and famous painter calligrapher Shin Saimdang. The film talk around the story of the love and work of 16th century female artist.

The reason why manufacturers have to spend up to 3 billion won to invite Lee Young-ae by the classic charismatic and aura of “Dae Jang Geum” is very suitable to the Korean national character Shin Saimdang . The success of Dae Jang Geum echoed throughout Asia, this is the movie to make up the Korean wave.

Not only Korean audiences but also many other Asian countries audiences are expected magnificent  comeback of actor Song Seung Hun and actress Lee Young-ae.

DBSK’s ‘Mirotic’ was performed surprisedly on M!Countdown

On 26, May, the music show M! Countdown had a surprising for almost K-pop fans when having the performance “Mirotic” of the legend DBSK.

To be honor to perform the song is the boys of Starship Entertainment- Monsta X.

Remarkablely, this M! Countdown had stages: “ the Secret” (TAHITI), “Jungle Gym” (Shin Ji Hoon), “Shake It, Shake It” (Road Boyz), “Windy Day” (Oh My Girl), “Touch You” (Dana), “Swagger Time” (M.A.P6), “How Are You Doing”( AFOS), “She Is”( Jonghyun).

The competitors of this week are two groups: AOA and TWICE. Once again, girls of JYP confirmed their position when winning the cup with “Cheer Up”.



Some artists also participated in program: Woohyun, Akdong Musician, Lovelyz,, Seventeen, April, CoCoSori, Im Do Hyuk, Moxie, Big Brain,….