Pineapple juice: the natural treatment of fibroids

Fibroids are tumors made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tisue in breast or uterus. People estimated that 70-80% women have fibroids in their lifetime. Luckily, fibroid is not cancer and it is not able to be cancer. Fibroids make patient uncomfort, even though women can have heavy bleeding which can lead to dangerous […]

How does garlic prevent cancer?

Garlic prevents cancer How does garlic protect health? Garlic is a very familiar food in the kitchen of every family. However it is not well known to eat garlic so below we provide information to help you better understand the effect of eating garlic. The main ingredients of garlic often contain compounds: Allicin liallyl sulfide […]

Green tea can help prevent cancer

Prevention is better than cure Of course!! Cancer can be prevented. Researches show that daily consumption of green tea can prevent cancer cells from growing in the body. Green tea is a drinking that is charm and energetic power. Daily 3 cups of green tea is recommended for best benefit. It contains: Antioxidants ( Flavonoids, […]

Papaya leaves: a powerful treatment of cancer

Cancer is one of the serious diseases that the world medicine still find out the treatment. Papaya is a herbal plant that grows naturally and widely grown in rural areas of tropical and subtropical countries, specially East Asia area. Not only is it nutritious and delicious, papaya and lemongrass tea is also used as a […]