Why Bitcoin Volume Fall? Bitcoin Transaction Volume Dip

Bitcoin Transaction Volume Dip

Using Bitcoin as a currency means competing transactions. When the Bitcoin transaction numbers are on the decline, people get concerned. It seems to indicate there is less demand for BTC, as well as little interest in effectively using it. At the same time, the Bitcoin transaction volume is affected by a lot of different factors.

As has become apparent recently, transaction batching is quite popular now. This means people will see “fewer” transactions, but it’s a positive development overall. Batching leads to lower fees and faster confirmation, which is all anyone can ask for. Even, we are currently at the Bitcoin transaction level of October 2015. It is clearly not the sign people are looking for.

Looking at the bigger picture, the Bitcoin transaction volume was increasing quite rapidly. This trend has become apparent for several years now. Even so, there have been a few dips along the way. This is by far the steeper dip, but it is not just because there is less economic activity per se. Looking forward, things may very well pick up once again.

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