BTC UPDATE on Elliot waves


Wave count based on Elliot waves.

At this moment, #BTC is descending through the bearish channel. It will confirm (b) once it breaks resistance of said channel.

From there we start bullish momentum from (b) to (c) ending in B between $ 12,000 and $ 15,000.

Before, this impulse would be composed of several intermediate tendencies. a, b, c

If my count is correct, once we reach B, we will go down again towards the 3000 $ in C, where we would close the main wave 4.

From here we start the last impulse wave until we reach $ 30,000.

2 Replies to “BTC UPDATE on Elliot waves”

  1. #BTC

    Bullish outside/engulfing candle and oversold RSI indicate sell-off has stalled for now.

    Acceptance below $6,600 could yield another leg lower towards $6K.

    A move above descending trendline wud allow a rally above $8,000

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