Suzy topped the list of Goddess of Korean men

On an online community website for men, Suzy has become the star who obtained the love of most Korean men. This is surprising when Suzy had a boyfriend.
Recently, a online community for men has selected 10 Korean female stars who are loved. The result, Suzy became the beautiful star captured the hearts of most men although she had boyfriend.
Here are the list women loved in Korea.

Suzy became the female star to get the love of most Korean men
Suzy who has natural beauty and innocent charm is easy to impress with everybody, especially men. Thank to fan, Suzy was also the first female celebrity to have over one million followers on Twitter. It is understandable when most men love her and voted for her No.1.

After girlfriend of Lee Min Ho is Tzuyu (Twice band) stand No.2


Kim Seolhyun (AOA)

Son Naeun (APINK)

Taeyeon – the leader of SNSD has sweet voice that make easily fan’s heart irritable.

Yura (Girl’s Day)

Irene Bae (Red Velvet)

Hani (EXID)

The way to success of Song Hye Kyo

Intelligent, beautiful, talent, rich and famous are still not enough for Song Hye Kyo.
It is no natural that Song Hye Kyo has become a symbol of the beauty of Korea and the film she played together make a resounding craze.

Song Hye Kyo is one of the most in-demand product endorsers in Korea and has done many TV commercials and print ads over the years. She has been a spokesperson for popular brands such as Laneige, Levi’s Lady Style, Etude House, Whitea, Aritaum, Innisfree, Roem, McDonalds Ice Cream, Conway, Olay, LG, Vivien Bra,…
To make success, Song Hye Kyo had to have a long effort and struggle. She has the way to success that every youngth artists study and admire.
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Song Hye Kyo- How to face to desire

“Sometimes the desire appears in my thinking but it fails with me, acting is a job like the air to breathe,” Song Hye Kyo shared.
Coming back after 3 years from the success of That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), people thought that Song Hye Kyo will be difficult to overcome the fame of blind lady role. But, Song Hye Kyo is still smiling. It was a smile of happiness, the smiles have many special feeling, the smile both a gratification and regret.

Song Hye Kyo share to Dispatch.
It was the smile that people saw in Song Hye Kyo in the latest interview in the Dispatch of the Korean.

“Desire also became failure with me”

Top perior of Song Hye Kyo began again after 3 years. She has the opportunity to cooperate with famous writer Kim Eun Sook, start new object with Descendants Of The Sun in May last year.
If anyone get playing in main role in this film, maybe they will rely on the fame of the writer, Kim Eun Sook because the author had a collection of blockbusters.
“I’ve been undergrown both big and small work, then met the writers ‘Descendants Of The Sun’. Moreover, this film is very important to me. Whatever I was thinking this is the last option “- Song Hye Kyo shared when agreeing to play main female role, doctor Mo Kang Yeon.

Song Hye Kyo spent 110% effort into her role in descendants Of The Sun for emotion and humor be wild. “emotional focused almost 15 episode. Fortunately, I was able to act to become Mo Kang Yeon really. How I do not know. I can only be put all minds at that moment. ”
With Korean actress, her mind: “Sometimes the desires appeared in thinking but fail with me, acting is a job like air to breathe.”

Usually for Song Hye Kyo, after closing a film, she will not want to be encumbered by any thoughts. But this time it was an exception.
The actress said: “A good result really makes me want to thank all than ever. I think I need to work harder. I feel happy and even a little regret. It’s hard to describe the feeling. ”
“I think I was given the opportunity: a good movie, an opportunity to meet the public. For me, just one thing is enough “.
My aim is to be an actor who is getting better and better
20 years in the career, Song Hye Kyo seems to start with the new starting points. “The future is not clear” – that’s the way Song Hye Kyo replied cautiously though she was standing in the spotlight.
“Certainly nothing will be changed, because I do not like to change my direction. I always want to play a movie that made my heart flutter. “. For Song Hye Kyo, only desire is acting: how to get better and better.

“If someone told me that my playing was deeper, I would love that. In the field of acting, I always try to discover more expressive and more emotion. Because that’s the goal, is also my ambition to become an actress who gets better and better “- Song Hye Kyo said.

Studying and Working hard are the key of success of Song Hye Kyo. Maybe Therefore she fully deserved to be the leading star and a idol for youth in Korea.