Review Hotspotshield vs HideMyAss VPN Service, or Cyberghost

Hidemyass has a large amount of servers worldwide, though not all of them work. I think the real problem with Hidemyass is that it’s almost impossible to get refund from them. Be careful, they will set automatic renewal for you. When the bill comes, you contact their customer support. They said they can only refund for the first order, can do nothing for renewal, even you did not use any bit of the renewal. However, the first order only can be refunded in 30 days after you placed the first order, the renewal happens after 30 days, so you’re not eligible for refund.

This is ridiculous. The automatic renewal happens after the first month’s order finished, so it definitely could not be in 30 days. Therefore, in their logic, you are not eligible for first order refund and they don’t refund for automatic renewals. So nothing you can get back.

Think twice before you choose Hidemyass, seeing some customer reviews may be a good reference.

Hotshotsheild is the best I’d say, but be careful, it caused my PC to blue screen with a Netio.sys.

HSS containED the infamous conduit toolbar (Hotspot Shield Elite Community Toolbar) and sponsored partner like RealPlayer. It does not offer limited or free VPN plan.

HMA does not offer trial VPN account. Yet, it has the largest possible VPN networks, from IP to VPN servers worldwide. Take a closer look at the said option here.

Currently, CyberGhost is offering a free VPN service (500MB/month?). Please check it out for yourself, as I could not open its homepage.

Google Adsense- the unlimited make money way

Google Adsense ( GA) is a content monetization solution for web publishers. Google Adsense is the fastest and easiest way to make money online for Bloggers and Webmasters. With an Adsense account, you can put ads on your websites and each web also can earn money.

Whenever having anyone clicks on Advertising on your Website/ Blog, Google will receive Advertiser’s money and spend a part for you( average: you will receive about $0.1-$5 per click, for value click you will receive $5-$7).

When putting Ads on website, Google Adsense will automaticly search content on your site, blog. Google will analyze key words then display Advertising that is relevant to the content of the site.

Google don’t have a fix money for one click because it depends on the type of Ads on your site. For instance, with a Insurance Advertising, you will receive more money than a Comestic Advertising. Furthermore, amount you receive also bases on the place( or country) you put Ads. For example, with an American account, you will receive more than an Asian ones.

In addition, If you put Google Search Box on your site, Google will pay money for you whenever anyone finds and clicks on Ads. The amount of money depends on the key word that user searches on your site.

Specific Policies for Placing Ads
Publishers may place maximum of three Ads Units on one webpage.
Per page, you just place maximum of two Google Adsenses for Google search boxes.
The maximum of three links placed on one site.
The advertising has to be placed on a content page.
The Ads can put anywhere in web but it is clear and not covered.

Click policies
Don’t require users to click on Google Adsense. Users should click on Ads because of being excited with services on ads.
You don’t click on your Ads. With any methods to increase click is prohibited.

Content policies
Content of the Web/Blog that displays Google Adsense may be variety, unique, and relevant except to prohibited contents below:
Adult or mature, copyright, violent, hateful content,…

Managing Google Adsense
Google provides tools for you manager earning effect of every pages. Google Adsense Management is very easy with Google Channel. With some clicks you will have fully information about traffic, click, earning result,..

How much you can earn with GA?
As the result of a online survey, this question is so broad. Google adsense can earn from very little money up to big amounts as $10,000 even more. For those who have authority niches, the amount per month maybe more than $10,000. For the beginners, after 6-month created, an account can earn about more than $100 ( average).
On the whole, there is no upper limit of earning with Google Adsense, it directly relates to amount of traffic on your site. How much you can get depends on niche type, the country of your visitors (or placement of Google Ads) and number of traffic( clicks) you have each day.

How you can receive money from GA?
A new account will receive the address infiniting email from Google when earning $10.
At the end of month, when your account has $100, Google will send checque to your address.

The above information is just basic knowledge and we find out and discuss together specific contents in other posts. Thank you so much for reading and give me a comment about this content.

How to make money online?

5 real ways to actually make money online, 40 easy ways to make money online quickly, ways to make money online from home, 72 ways to make money online,ect….

1. What is MMO?

Nowadays, the more information is growing, people have many chances to use internet in working and life. Internet is getting become a generous resource to look for information and connect everyone in over the world. You can read news, check your email, chat with your friend, update Facebook status, shopping online,… Depending on the demand, suppliers were born to provide internet services. The define “MMO” (Make Money Online) named for all activities that get profit from Internet.

Do you know that almost people don’t believe on making money online. They think that some advises are overtalk and scams. Everyday they surf the Internet for working, shopping, playing and they don’t know that while you use Internet like that many others get profit from what they do. In fact, many people saw the potential of MMO they underwent and they became the leader. Specially, some of them are kind and enthusiastic so that they share their knowledge about the Internet.

2. How many ways can you make money online?

Yes, you can. Absolutely. There are many income opportunities only even if you have no experience at all. You can search in the Internet and you can receive hundreds of results such as: 5 real ways to actually make money online, 40 easy ways to make money online quickly, ways to make money online from home, 72 ways to make money online,ect…. So how many ways to make money online and which is correct and can follow?

In fact, MMO can divides into many different ways base on opinion of MMOers. On the whole, all of them are appropriate because they look at problem in many positions. However, not at all is effective to make money online. You can see every year, there are millions of people find out and implement with making money online ways but only a few can get success. In the Internet, you can find a lot of genuine ways well as scams and you can hardly tell which one works and which one is a scam.

How do you get chance between real opportunities and scams? If you have some skills that you want to develop, which platform should you use? These are hundreds of different ways you can accomplish your goal. How do you know where to start or what to do?

Nowadays, Designing website and Google Adsense are two popular ways that MMOers usually use to make money online. Designing website or writing a blog can get money by selling online resources, software. Google Adsense makes money by placing Advertising on Website and get money by traffic and click on Ads.We will find out 2 ways in this website and others posts. This writing I want to introduce to you about the general of make money online and things a newbie should prepare to start with MMO.

3. How can newbie make money online?

Firstly, you should prepare for a powerful spirit.

You got to find the thing that you never ever in your life feel tired of since if you are going to be following it along with work, you got to have something that you truly love. In other words, you have to have energy and spirit when you begin a new field. You should ignore all rumors in the Internet even though some advices from your friends. Whenever starting with any jods, difficulties are obvious. The more you hear about the hardness, the more you think about giving up.

Therefore you should keep your mind powerful to pass all and get the target.

Secondly, built the target and detail plan.

You should check again all you skills about Marketing online even small skills. Depend on the skills you have, the time you are willing to give for earning this online income, and the type of online income you want to earn.Don’t worry if you don’t know anything, just go to Google, join few groups with name”Earn Money Online” and just post in each groups that “ I’m a newbie, can you share a little about MMO”. Come back after 1 hour, you can see many people would have responded by that time. This is because MMOers are generous with newbie and the talents usually get success through their excellent skills not basics.

You ought to built a purpose for yourself and have a detail plan to get it. You have to have a scheduel with time, money, effort to complete your goal. For instance, you want to earn about $1000 in six months, you have a plan that you take a fetch to get.

Thirdly, hard-working and learn more knowledge from others.

When you have a target and a plan, just performing it. Working hard is extremely important,so give yourself daily short goal timelines and commit to them, there are high chances to take rest and get lathargic after work. To pass it, make dailygoals to be cracked and make sure you abide by it and complete them before you go to sleep. Initially, it might be a bit hard to follow but if you persist in the beginning phase it will become cake walk in the later phase. On the weekends, don’t sleep them off or party it all. Have a balance, have some refreshments over the weekend but don’t much more than you do on the weekdays.

Don’t stop learning! The more you learn, the more knowledge you collect. Everything is created from the basic lesson. Therefore find out and study!! You can make friend with MMOers and listen their shares. The information you get can only be simple and available in the Internet. Of course, the key of success you have to find by youself. You cant depend on others. But that knowledge can help you or it will transmit you energy.

In the whole, the newbie should invest time, money, effort and continuously working. You will undergo many difficulties even thinking of giving up. Remember that “Lucky people get opportunities; Brave people creat opportunities; And Winners are those that convert problems into opportunities.