TWICE – the next Girl’s Generation

A lot of people are saying that TWICE is the leading group in new generation.

Recently, fans discussed about the topic “ TWICE is the leading of third girlgroup”. Almost people agreed to this opinion because no girlgroup has consistantly popular after debuting one year.

TWICE is a group composed of nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

Besides, the girlgroup of JYP entertainment has full of factors to become the leading next generation. With the “crisis” album sales, the girlgroup topped the charts for weeks, views on Youtube always tens of millions and having stable fandom, TWICE is considered the top girlgroup of new idol generation.
Below here are comments of netizen about TWICE:

“They have stable numbers about album sales, digital music, view on Youtube and fandom. Each members has personal style. Their MV made audience be funny, the interaction between group and fan is very good. I really want this group can keep the ability and get becoming the popular group.”

“ The most strength of this group is how to communicate with fan. Others also do this but cant be as them. They just slept 2 hours per day, therefore they can communicate to fan on V APP and give fan their signatures in 2-3 hours….”

“TWICE~ cheer up~ shashasha~ you can’t hear this song only once!! It is a big hit!”

“All 9 members are beautiful and sexy in theirselves ways. Nice song!!”

“ I came to Bookyung University festival to see their performance, people has already waited there since 10 a.m. Around me, almost are boys.”

“ JYP entertainment’s girlgroup always become No.1 in their generation. They usually get success in digital music so it is not surprised when TWICE also get success. But with strong fandom in Korea and foreign and stale album sales made them become the top.

“ I see TWICE like SNSD because both are large groups with not much of them being talented and will most like be over praised for years for their “ talent and looks” and fans will use their high physical sales of proof that they are the best even though that is not relevant when it comes to talent and looks. I am a fan honestly, I’m not hating. I just tell it like it is.”…

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